Flow Classes

Flow is a relaxed practice that intentionally slows down the body which slows down the mind. The rhythmic movements release muscle tension, get your blood moving, train your balance and build strength over time through softness instead of constantly pushing through movements. It melts away stress and anxiety in a beautiful hour of purposefully meditative rhythm.


Does this feel true?

  • You want movements that nourish instead of punish your body
  • You’re running on empty and you don’t remember what being in your body even feels like anymore
  • You’re post-surgery or injury and looking for a softer practice that’s safe to do
  • You’re looking for an alternative to fast-paced cardio
  • You’re digestion could use some support
  • Your mind is going a mile a minute and you don’t know how to slow it down
  • You’re too young to be this stiff and tight
  • You’re not a serious gym junkie but you still want to move your body
  • You’re having trouble sleeping and have tried most remedies with little luck
  • You’re a mama looking for an hour alone to have your body to yourself

Release modern stress through ancient methodology.


Get ready to:

  • Feel empowered by reconnecting with yourself and your body
  • Move old, tight energy out of your muscles and mind
  • Slow down and quiet the chatter of the mind with meditative focus
  • Improve your blood circulation and digestion
  • Reduce inflammation and recover quicker from injuries
  • Strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility
  • Improve your digestion with core movements that act like an internal massage for your organs
  • Feel the freedom and power of stronger balance to prevent injury at any age

The Details:

Each Flow Class is held every Tuesday from 7:30 – 8:30 pm at a private space in Toorak, Melbourne for an intimate group of no more than 6 people. Anyone of any gender or age is welcome to join either on Zoom or in-person! Water and mats are provided.

Private and custom one-on-one sessions are also available in-person or over Zoom for $110.
$25/session or $225/10 session
Book now for a complimentary first session!

I have been attending Flow classes for approx 2 years. I’ve always suffered from back & neck problems. I was doing a personal training program and undertook an injury. Rochelle encouraged me to try Flow.

Initially I thought “this can’t do much, it’s so slow and no weights or cardio”. It was Rochelle’ s personality and genuineness that made me keep going. I have been surprised how much it actually does for me. And I’ve really missed the exercise of flow when I’ve been travelling.

Amazing also the increased strength it has given me in my legs and arms. Flexibility is definitely increased and after a session I do feel stimulated and better for being there.

I’ve never been a big exercise/gym fan but do like the methodology if Flow and its background. It also provides mental concentration thus providing a focused mind whilst enjoying meditation like benefits. It has definitely helped my injuries. Flow is way more powerful and delivers much more than it looks initially.

I would recommend it to anybody – some people I realise like high energy drill type exercise as often they believe this is the only way to achieve results but Flow delivers quietly!

Jenny Keat

Before I commenced Flow: I had chronic lower back issues partly from years of competitive sport, resorting to use of anti-inflammatories on game day.

After I commenced Flow: I have developed more movement in my lower back. Rochelle takes a very caring and professional approach to the practice. As the practice is intended to be flowing, it  minimises the stress on the body as you work through the movement. My lower back is still a watch item, however much improved from when I commenced the practice. I now rarely use anti-inflammatories.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rochelle’s Flow classes.

Jack Cyngler


How do I know these classes are worth taking the time out of my busy life for?
If we don’t make our health a priority, it will make us make time eventually. Whether you’re post-injury or surgery and need to take it slow or simply want to be proactive with your body for the future you, it always pays off to prioritize feeling good. An hour investment in a Flow class is time well spent and your body will thank you!

What if I find yoga too slow or boring and don’t feel like I get any results?
Flow is a purposefully meditative practice that serves as a clear call to move from the mind into a deeper trust of the body. You may think Flow isn’t a fit for you, but everyone can benefit from slowing down and listening in, so I’d still encourage you to give it a try!

As for results, yoga is not for the instantly gratified. It is a gradual process where you’ll see incredible results over time.

What if I’m new to Flow?
Amazing! Welcome! The only thing you need to know before stepping onto the mat is there is no skill required, only a willingness to learn. My Flow Classes can be adapted for any age, flexibility and fitness level and every movement can be tailored to your injury and physical range. Movements are broken down step by step and help improve coordination (so don’t worry if you feel like you have two left feet!)

If I’m recovering from an injury, can Flow help me heal?
Yes! Flow will certainly allow your body to release tension and increase blood circulation, therefore reducing inflammation which definitely helps!

Can I build muscle in this practice?
You can and you will, but the way you do is the exact opposite of regular fitness exercise. Flow movements build strength and release tension from a lengthened and relaxed state of our muscles not a contracted and tense state like, say, weights at the gym would. It’s a kinder and softer way to build muscles than what you might be used to.

If it’s your first time, your first session is free!