Work with Me

For tips and insights into living life with more ease and resilience, join my community here.

As a successful Mind Body Health Coach, I work primarily with women who want to:

  • Find an easier way to handle the stresses of life
  • Ease up on the self-judgement and self-criticism
  • Tap into their own personal wisdom and insight
  • Feel a stronger connection between their mind, body and whole wellbeing
  • Discover a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

I work with clients both one on one, as well as in group settings with my Women’s Circle.  As a qualified Flow Instructor, I also teach Flow Classes, a gentle movement practice similar to Tai Chi, at my Melbourne studio.

I would love to show you how to get back to a place of innate wellbeing, joy and ease in your life. Book a time to chat with me about how I can help.