Life Simplified

A Six-Week Virtual Program for Women

Are you a woman who feels burnt out and overwhelmed with an endless list of To Do’s?

Do you find yourself snapping at your kids or your partner and feeling guilty about it afterward?

Do you often feel tired and lacking in energy?

Do you have days where you feel anxious and upset with no idea why?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know you are not alone. Many of my clients come to me feeling burnt out, stressed and unhappy.

They know something needs to change but they aren’t sure where to start and what they don’t need is more TO DO’s.

I get it. I really do because this used to be me until a few years ago. I was desperately unhappy, overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted and nothing I did ever seemed to make a difference to how I felt. I’d feel better for a few days but always end up where I started.

That was until I discovered an understanding that completely changed the way I saw myself, my life and my relationships.

Through this understanding, I found greater levels of peace, calm and joy than I ever thought possible and the wonderful thing was I didn’t have to change my life or my circumstances to do it.

This was so powerful in my life that I knew I had to share it with other women just like you. This is why I have created this six-week program for women.

In this program I share exactly what I discovered that completely turned my levels of well-being and happiness around!

My next program starts on February 17th and I’d love for you to join me!

How It Works

  • We meet weekly on Zoom for 90 minutes
  • A private Facebook Group for additional discussion
  • Email access to your presenter
There are two options for your convenience:

Group 1: Tuesdays 12-1:30pm AEDT
Starts Monday 17th February
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Group 2: Wednesdays 8-9:30pm AEDT
Starts Wednesday 19th February
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Here is what other women who have completed my program had to say:

“I’m so grateful our paths crossed at a time I really needed this”

“My husband has started thinking differently and he didn’t even do the course, he’s more positive and the effect it’s had on our relationship is unbelievable”

“I had so many insights from this course”

“This course made a real difference for me. Each week, the time with others was lovely and inspired fresh perspectives for me. I definitely recommend this time with Rochelle.”

About Your Presenter

Rochelle Gance is a Mind Body Health Coach. She supports women to see how they can have more calm and less overwhelm even when life throws things at us – relationships, family, finances, work, kids, food, body image issues and every aspect of our lives.

Rochelle runs a Women’s Circle “a journey to Life Simplified”, one on one coaching and also teaches Flow Tai Chi.

Everything she does has one thing in common and that’s about helping her clients get back to their own innate wellbeing. A place of peace, wisdom and calm that every single one of us has access to. Be it through physical movement, bringing people together or helping people gain a deeper insight and understanding one-on-one.

For tips and insights into living life with more ease and resilience, join my community here.