Intuitive Coaching

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You’ve tried many healing modalities and tools – some have worked, some not so much – but nothing has made the impact you hoped it would. You still don’t feel seen or heard, alive or purposeful. You crave finally knowing and owning who you are and every gift that comes with that, but you’re stuck. It’s time to change that with heart-centered one-on-one work to confidently embody your truth, your gifts and your voice.

Is this you?

  • You feel disconnected from your intuition
  • You’re living on autopilot – just going through the motions and stuck in survival mode
  • You feel small, like you’re scared to take up any space or room
  • You feel life is happening to you, not for you, as if you’re in the passenger seat, not at the wheel
  • You know you’re alive for a purpose, but you don’t remember or know what that purpose is
  • You don’t feel present in your life
    You’re ready to create boundaries, but don’t know where to begin
  • You’ve had enough of doing what you think you “should” do
  • You’re using all of your energy on other people and forgetting yourself
  • You’re tired of being the good girl who doesn’t ruffle any feathers or rock the boat

True empowerment that comes from within.

It’s time for…

  • A customized experience where you’re held every step of the way
  • Stepping into who you’re really meant to be
  • Feeling present and learning how to stay in the moment
  • A reconnection to your own gut, soul and intuition
  • Taking the driver’s seat in every area of your life
  • Seeing yourself beautifully, fully and completely
  • Remembering the gifts you came naturally into the world with
  • Doing what feels right for you and trusting the process

    My approach is different. It’s not about digging deep into trauma and reliving the pain of the past. It’s not about fixing you, and it’s certainly not about replacing your own truth, intuition or guidance by becoming your guru. Instead, I get to hold space for the highest vision of who you are while showing you where to look to create long-lasting, transformational change from the inside out. Using my gifts as an Energy Healer and Reader, we can peel back decades of beliefs, learnings and understandings and release them so you’re free to become who you really are.

    I would love to show you how to get back to a place of innate wellbeing, joy and ease in your life. Book a time to chat with me about how I can help.

    The day I met Rochelle I knew nothing about the three principles. I arrived to Rochelle feeling totally broken and believed it would take lifetimes of work to “fix” myself. Working with Rochelle it didn’t take long before I deeply understood that I was “Whole”. I wasn’t broken at all, I simply “thought” I was.

    That wholeness is with me daily now, I no longer feel broken. I also understand my humanness and that makes life much easier. I let myself off the hook from trying to be the perfect person or perfect mother. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling in anyway. The benefits are universal and they apply to all aspects of ones life.

    Haley Yaffe


    How do I know this is going to change my life?

    To be completely honest, you get to decide if this will change your life or not by what you decide to shift. My role is to hold your hand and walk alongside you on your journey. When you take full responsibility for your own growth and healing and allow me to support and guide you while you show up openly, vulnerably and consistently, your life will change. You will feel far more empowered and free if you decide that’s what you want and commit to the work to get it, I can promise you that.

    I’m already short on time, so how often and how long are sessions?

    It often takes more time to worry and feel anxious about growth than actually doing the work that will inevitably move you forward, so it’s worth the investment time-wise! If you’re worried about length and frequency, we design your sessions together, so let’s talk about what works with your life.

    How do I know you’re the right fit or the best coach for me?
    With a free 45-60 minute conversation, we can truly get a gauge of each other and see if we’re a match with no pressure or obligations. I’m a compassionate listener and this is a judgment-free space for you to discuss anything with me – there’s nothing too precious or direct that I’m unwilling to talk about – so please come as you are and let’s talk about what you need. We can go from there.

    Does it feel like we can still connect as well if we’re on Zoom?

    I know it seems tougher to connect over zoom, however I’ve run many courses, coaching sessions and circles virtually and I’ve never found it has hindered anyone’s feeling of belonging or connection. In fact, we both quickly forget we’ve never met in person and that’s the kind of flowing easy energy I create with my one-on-one clients.