Personal Coaching

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You’ve been down this path before. You’ve tried every trick in the book.

You’ve read the self-help books, practiced the mantras and positive thinking, visualised and manifested your heart out. You may have sought some professional help in the form of counselling or psychotherapy or a personal development coach because you believed analysing your behaviour would heal the trauma you’ve experienced or yield the results you were looking for.

And sometimes perhaps it did help, sometimes there was relief. But, like for so many others, it never lasted. The worry and overwhelm always returned, the anxiety and panic persisted, and the self-judgement and self-punishment intensified.

The day I met Rochelle I knew nothing about the three principles. I arrived to Rochelle feeling totally broken and believed it would take lifetimes of work to “fix” myself. Working with Rochelle it didn’t take long before I deeply understood that I was “Whole”. I wasn’t broken at all, I simply “thought” I was.

That wholeness is with me daily now, I no longer feel broken. I also understand my humanness and that makes life much easier. I let myself off the hook from trying to be the perfect person or perfect mother. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling in anyway. The benefits are universal and they apply to all aspects of ones life.

Haley Yaffe

How I help

My approach is different. It’s not about digging deep into trauma and reliving the pain of the past. It’s not about fixing you. It’s simply about showing you where to look to create long-lasting, transformational change from the inside out.

I offer one-on-one personal coaching, both in person or via Zoom or phone. Throughout the year, I also hold regular workshops on living life with more ease and resilience as well as my monthly Women’s Circle meet ups.

I would love to show you how to get back to a place of innate wellbeing, joy and ease in your life. Book a time to chat with me about how I can help.