Thriving Parents

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  • Have you got teenagers in your house?
  • Would you like to feel calmer around your kids?  
  • Would you like to feel less overwhelmed?  
  • Do you have a teen who is anxious and struggles to go to school every day?  
  • Do you find it hard to get your kids to do anything around the house?
  • Do you end up screaming because your teen is not listening to you?
  • Do you feel like you have no respect from your teen?
  • Do you have moments where you feel guilty, frustrated, irritated and tired?
  • Does family life just feel so hard?
  • Has your house turned into a war zone?

If this feels like you I want you to know it doesn’t have to be this way.


Thriving Parents, Thriving Teens

All we ever want is for our children to be happy – and it is totally possible!  In fact, joy is our natural state. Sometimes it can feel like a challenge, but what if I told you that we can actually thrive as parents, even when we really feel we can’t?  Can you feel that glimmer of hope?

Do you want to learn how your kids can blossom and how you can effortlessly flourish as a parent too?  Perhaps you’re looking for some tools to help you navigate some of those difficult and sometimes fearful parenting situations?  Or maybe you’re not even really looking for tools that can help, because you are simply doing your best to hold everything together, even though it doesn’t always feel like you are?  You’re simply looking for a nice feeling around parenting, with more ease.

I understand.


Let’s Create Something Different Together

My ‘Thriving Parents, Thriving Teens online series is a 6 part group program that can point you to see something different.  In each week, I create a nurturing, safe space for us to connect as a community about our shared teen experiences, and I provide some transformational tools that really helped me to be a calm, connected and resilient parent.  

I share with you how I went from feeling trapped (and sometimes not really even liking my children – yes, I admit it, and it’s ok!), to really loving the experience.  These days, I feel real, effortless connection to my children, and they respond to it – I no longer beat myself up, and I know that we, as parents, can handle anything.  

My house is no longer a war zone and there is way, way less screaming. The ripple effect this has on family life is just amazing.  

We are thriving – and you can, too.


What You’ll Get

Join me on this programme, and you’ll get:

  • Six weeks of 1.5 hour ‘Thriving Parents, Thriving Teens’ interactive program for parents, covering topics such as
    • How to Have More Calm and Peace at Home
    • How to feel less overwhelmed
    • How to Handle Stress
    • How to get your teens to contribute to the household
    • How to Handle anger and Conflict
    • How to handle anxious teens
  • Ongoing support from me and the group community in an exclusive ‘Thriving Parenting, Thriving Teens closed Facebook Group, for support and discussion on any questions that arise
  • A calmer, connected and resilient experience of thriving parenting, happy teens – and a really great feeling!



I Want to Thrive

I would like to Calm, Connected, Resilient Parenting with effortless change.

Click here to sign up and I’ll see you there!

Or, if you want to know a little bit more, book a time to chat with me to discuss how this can help you.  



Do I have to be in a certain headspace?

Not at all, you just need to be a parent.

Is learning via live video call on the computer the same as face to face?

I promise you Zoom (the platform we use) is really simple to use and it’s surprising how despite not being in the same room, the connection can be just as powerful. I often work with clients and meet up virtually with friends and colleagues and I don’t even feel that it’s any different.

When are we meeting?

We are meeting on a Tuesday night from 8pm to 9:30pm on 14th, 21st, 28th May and 4th, 11th and 18th June 2019.

Is there any work to be done in between sessions?

I may send a video that I think would be helpful to watch but other than that you just turn up each Tuesday.

Is there anything to prepare for the sessions?

No, just turn up and be open to hear something new.

What if I don’t have any big problems to discuss?

You don’t need any big problems to discuss in order to learn things that are really helpful for making parenting more peaceful and effortless.

What if I don’t feel comfortable talking?

That’s fine you can just be present and open and listen and you will still learn so much.

What happens at the end of the 6 weeks?

If you feel called to explore this deeper you can schedule time with me one on one or join the next Thriving Parents, Thriving Teens program or even a retreat.

The day I met Rochelle I knew nothing about the three principles. I arrived to Rochelle feeling totally broken and believed it would take lifetimes of work to “fix” myself. Working with Rochelle it didn’t take long before I deeply understood that I was “Whole”. I wasn’t broken at all, I simply “thought” I was.

That wholeness is with me daily now, I no longer feel broken. I also understand my humanness and that makes life much easier. I let myself off the hook from trying to be the perfect person or perfect mother. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling in anyway. The benefits are universal and they apply to all aspects of ones life.

Haley Yaffe

How I help

My approach is different. It’s not about digging deep into trauma and reliving the pain of the past. It’s not about fixing you. It’s simply about showing you where to look to create long-lasting, transformational change from the inside out.

I offer one-on-one personal coaching, both in person or via Zoom or phone. Throughout the year, I also hold regular workshops on living life with more ease and resilience as well as my monthly Women’s Circle meet ups.

I would love to show you how to get back to a place of innate wellbeing, joy and ease in your life.
Book a time to chat with me about how I can help.