About Rochelle

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I did what I thought I was supposed to,
what I should do.

I went to university, came out with a business degree and began climbing the corporate ladder. I married a great guy, had two beautiful children and set up a nourishing home. I was the quintessential good girl who followed all the rules, who did everything she was told and appeased everyone, including myself, by doing everything expected of me.

But something wasn’t quite right.

I thought I wanted this independent, important, big job track, but I felt small and half-full, like I was a tight ball of nerves, all curled up and tense, not taking up any space at all. I was going through the motions and just trying to get through the day while wake-up call symptoms like cystic acne, tension and a short, snappy fuse were all screaming at me.

When I signed up for a personal training course, something shifted. Something alive pulled on my Soul and asked me to do the courageous thing – to completely start over.

So I did.

With time, I started tapping into my intuitive abilities, returning to presence and giving myself permission to finally take up space – space I’d never known existed – and everything about me slowly came back to life. My voice, truth and gifts swam to the surface of my skin and soon enough it was clear: My life’s work was to help guide others to do exactly what I was doing so they could find their own power and set themselves free.

I left my career at 38 and officially embarked on a journey to keep uncovering who I truly am, what my Soul is here to do and who I am meant to serve.

And it’s what has brought me to you.

You know the feeling. You get it.

You want to listen to the whispers of your intuition, to start taking up all the space and boldly begin to live an empowered life rooted in who you really are. You know there’s more but you aren’t quite sure which way is up or which way to go, and you need some support even if you think it’s too late to change or shift.

I can tell you that infinite possibilities are ahead if you’re willing to take a brave turn in a different direction.

I’m the proof.

Let’s get to know each other on a deeper level


To travel abroad and find myself steeped in another person’s life by way of their rituals and ways is a particular love of mine. It’s such an honor to be able to see how someone’s heart and soul comes to life in their uniquely visible and ceremonial practices. When I was in Fiji, I participated in a Kava Ceremony that embodied just how powerful and moving this love is for me and how beautiful a gift it is to witness another culture’s energy and heritage. I’m in awe of that moment in my life and will always hold it close to my heart. Any chance I get, I love to travel for the fresh eyes it gives me for the world and for my own life and to see that every moment of life can be sacred.


There are countless books I’ve been wowed by, but “The Shack” stands out as one of the most profound. I remember holding it in my hands and re-reading chapter 11 over and over and over. Before reading it, I didn’t have any faith in a higher power, yet it shifted my understanding of just how divinely loved we are. It so clearly explained how truly connected we all are, that there’s a oneness to us all and that we all come from the same place. When we recognize that, we can stop judging ourselves and others and open up to love. It changed my world. It also softened my judgemental heart, showing me how compassion and understanding are key to allowing space for ourselves and others to grow and evolve. This lens of love not only supported my relationship with myself and my higher power, but to my husband and children. I’m forever grateful for this book.


For 7 years, my daughter asked and asked and asked for a dog, but because of childhood trauma with dogs, I was resistant. I didn’t want one, until my husband caved and we welcomed Mimi into our little world. And that dog, I’m telling you, she softened me in a way no human had or, I think, could. At first I resisted the love she was giving me. I couldn’t take it in and kept my distance from her. I was behind the tall wall of my trauma story and, without realizing it, I wasn’t allowing myself to receive love. But as my path to loving myself and others stretched out in front of me, so did my arms towards Mimi. Slowly, she opened me up to the infinite possibilities of love and loving. Now she’s like my shadow, always following me around the house. I count her as one of my healers for the miracle of what she has shown me – HOW TO RECEIVE LOVE.


Hand me a giant menu, ask me to pick a new restaurant, get me swinging in an apron in the kitchen or talk to me about your absolute favourite meal and I’m the happiest person on the planet because they all have one thing in common: Food. Food is my language, maybe even my love language, because it represents infinite tastes and experiences, cultures and traditions. One plate holds so much! On it is a world of creativity born of simple ingredients and flavours. It lights me up to no end that one of my greatest joys comes at every meal.


Now that you know a few significant things about me, it’s my hope that I can welcome you in, hold space and be a place you can land and share exactly as you are. I’m here to embrace you with warm, comforting support, kind of like a cup of tea. We’re two Beings walking through life sharing nurturing conversation along the path.



Rochelle x

And it all starts with a conversation.

I’ve really enjoyed my session with Rochelle and the learnings and tools she has helped me achieve by doing her program.

I came to Rochelle during a crisis point in my life and she was able to guide, support and nurture me during this difficult and challenging time.

She continued to give me the right push I needed and I connected with her straight away.

I am now really enjoying her women’s circle and enjoy the insights gained during these times and connecting with other amazing women.