About Rochelle

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You want to stop struggling and get out of survival mode, and start enjoying a better quality of life.

You want to know how to handle life without the stress and overwhelm, regardless of your circumstances.

You want to free yourself from body image issues and develop an easier, better relationship with your body and food.

You want to feel lighter, calmer and more resilient in every area of your life.

Navigating our way through the world can be a wild ride sometimes. Stresses with work and money collide with demands of home and family, and pretty soon we’re stretched so thin trying to do and be all the things, we no longer feel in control of anything. We just feel at the mercy of a relentless barrage of ‘stuff happening to us’, without feeling like we’re actually getting anywhere.

The power of insight

But once we understand how we create our experience of the world, once we make that profound shift in awareness, a whole new way of being opens up to us. We no longer feel at the mercy of changing circumstances. We no longer feel this immense pressure to micro-manage ourselves. We no longer feel weighed down by the burden of being responsible for everything.

This understanding forms the foundation of the work I do with my clients and it all comes down to our state of mind and how we’re feeling in the moment.

I’m Rochelle Gance and I can guide you towards the lasting, transformational change you’ve been searching for.

But this is not an instant quick fix or step-by-step guide to living a better life. It’s not about working hard on yourself or managing your behaviour or controlling your thoughts. It’s not a process or a structure or a tool.

It’s something far more powerful.

It’s an insight into the way we experience life as human beings. And once you truly see it, it changes everything. Without you having to do a thing. It is the key to creating lasting, transformational change.

And it all starts with a conversation.

I’ve really enjoyed my session with Rochelle and the learnings and tools she has helped me achieve by doing her program.

I came to Rochelle during a crisis point in my life and she was able to guide, support and nurture me during this difficult and challenging time.

She continued to give me the right push I needed and I connected with her straight away.

I am now really enjoying her women’s circle and enjoy the insights gained during these times and connecting with other amazing women.


My Story

A passing comment from my father when I was 12, warning me about getting fat from having sweets, was the trigger for an almost 30-year battle with eating disorders and obsessive, controlling thoughts around food and my body.

It was a battle that enslaved me to the point of dangerous ill health but it was also the beginning of a long journey to personal empowerment, self-love and self-acceptance, though little did I realise at the time.


Not good enough

Growing up in a stressful, perfectionist household, with low self-esteem and exceptional shyness, I struggled with feelings of not being good enough, of not measuring up, and I started searching for ways to improve myself, to change.

I’d always been interested in spirituality and personal growth and development but I was driven by this internal restlessness and dissatisfaction, this need to fix what I believed was broken inside me. I placed enormous pressure on myself to be perfect, to fit this impossible ideal in my head of how I should look and feel and be in my life.

At first, I thought the answer lay in physical fitness and health. I did endless, extensive research about eating the right foods for optimum health and wellness. I was fastidious about what I ate, and exercised and obsessed over my weight and food. But I was still plagued by self-doubt and a lack of self-worth.

After a redundancy forced me to change careers, I turned my focus on food and exercise into a new role as a personal trainer, studying Eating Psychology and Holistic Health to better understand our relationship with food and body image. Initially, there were some a-ha moments but it was still all about control and managing and striving, about discipline and willpower and denial.


The shift

It wasn’t until I came across the understanding that underpins the work I now do with my clients, that things truly began to shift for me. I began to see this fixation on food and body image in a whole new light. That it wasn’t about needing to work hard on this problem and staying strong, in fact it wasn’t an issue I had to resolve at all.

Discovering this understanding, this insight into how we experience the world, completely changed the trajectory of my life in the most profound way. It resonated. And it has built momentum, creating a beautiful ripple effect across every area of my life.

It has transformed my relationship not just with food and my body, but with myself, my husband and my children, and impacting the lives of my clients.

It’s a power that connects me to my deeper truth and wisdom. Just as it connects you to yours.

I feel for the anxious young girl that I was, obsessively counting calories and hating what she saw in the mirror. I have nothing but compassion and understanding for her as well as a deep relief and gratitude for the insight and awareness I now have.

My wish for you is to have something come to life for you in a whole new way. And to have an impact for you that is profound. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch via the link below.



Rochelle x