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Happy clients are the best reward

The best part about my job is all the incredible people I get to work with. Here are a few kind words from some of my happy clients.

The day I met Rochelle I knew nothing about the three principles. I arrived to Rochelle feeling totally broken and believed it would take lifetimes of work to “fix” myself. Working with Rochelle it didn’t take long before I deeply understood that I was “Whole”. I wasn’t broken at all, I simply “thought” I was.

That wholeness is with me daily now, I no longer feel broken. I also understand my humanness and that makes life much easier. I let myself off the hook from trying to be the perfect person or perfect mother. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling in anyway. The benefits are universal and they apply to all aspects of ones life.

Haley Yaffe

I’ve really enjoyed my session with Rochelle and the learnings and tools she has helped me achieve by doing her program.

I came to Rochelle during a crisis point in my life and she was able to guide, support and nurture me during this difficult and challenging time.

She continued to give me the right push I needed and I connected with her straight away.

I am now really enjoying her women’s circle and enjoy the insights gained during these times and connecting with other amazing women.


Before I started this work I was in a very overwhelming place. I was finding every situation, small or large, difficult to manage. I was convinced I was always doing everything wrong and I was out of step with everyone else.

I started this work trying so hard, thinking I had to do something to make this work and to not forget. It took me a while to realise I didn’t actually have to do anything. I always knew that nothing is permanent and that everything passes, but when I realised this also applied to the hard parts of my life, I found helped me moved past things more easily. I stopped dwelling so long on my thoughts. I am more confident in my job, I don’t second guess all my decisions anymore and I show more initiative without accompanying anxiety.

I recommend this understanding for everyone. We are all human and we all have times where our thinking leads us astray. Rochelle was an amazing and patient guide and continues to provide me with wisdom so I remain connected with my true self.

Jessica Malone

I have been attending Flow classes for approx 2 years. I’ve always suffered from back and neck problems.

I was doing a personal training program and undertook an injury. Rochelle encouraged me to try Flow.

Initially I thought “this can’t do much, it’s so slow and no weights or cardio”. It was Rochelle’ s personality and genuineness that made me keep going. I have been surprised how much it actually does for me. And I’ve really missed the exercise of flow when I’ve been travelling.

Amazing also the increased strength it has given me in my legs and arms. Flexibility is definitely increased and after a session I do feel stimulated and better for being there.

I’ve never been a big exercise/gym fan but do like the methodology if Flow and it’s background.

It also provides mental concentration thus providing a focused mind whilst enjoying meditation like benefits.

It has definitely helped my injuries. Flow is way more powerful and delivers much more than it looks initially.

I would recommend it to anybody – some people I realise like high energy drill type exercise as often they believe this is the only way to achieve results But Flow delivers quietly!

Jenny Keat

Before I commenced Flow I had chronic lower back issues partly from years of competitive sport, resorting to use of anti-inflammatories on game day.

After I commenced Flow I have developed more movement in my lower back. Rochelle takes a very caring and professional approach to the practice. As the practice is intended to be flowing, it  minimises the stress on the body as you work through the movement. My lower back is still a watch item, however much improved from when I commenced the practice. I now rarely use anti-inflammatories.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rochelle’s Flow classes.

Jack Cyngler