Women’s Circle

For tips and insights into living life with more ease and resilience, join my community here.

Meeting monthly, the Women’s Circle is an opportunity for an intimate group of like-minded women to come together to share stories, explore new insights, and connect and learn from each other. A warm, welcoming, judgement-free zone, we laugh, talk and have a lot of fun. I absolutely love the energy of these sessions and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to be.

Spots are limited for each session so get in touch to book your place.

Duration: 1.5 hours
When: Once a month on Sunday evenings at 7.15pm
Location: North Caulfield, Melbourne

The day I met Rochelle I knew nothing about the three principles. I arrived to Rochelle feeling totally broken and believed it would take lifetimes of work to “fix” myself. Working with Rochelle it didn’t take long before I deeply understood that I was “Whole”. I wasn’t broken at all, I simply “thought” I was.

That wholeness is with me daily now, I no longer feel broken. I also understand my humanness and that makes life much easier. I let myself off the hook from trying to be the perfect person or perfect mother. I highly recommend this work to anyone who is struggling in anyway. The benefits are universal and they apply to all aspects of one’s life.

Haley Yaffe